Medical Colleagues

Respect for you, our referring Medical Colleagues.

We believe in taking a team approach to getting our patients back to good health. That's why your patients will receive the highest level of physical therapy care, while you, the referrer, receives the highest level of communication. Keeping you informed of your patient's progress helps your patients get better faster. You can get your patients into our office usually within 24 hours of contacting us. Detailed progress reports are always provided in a prompt and timely manner. We know that by working together as a team, everybody succeeds.

Please print out the form and fax back to our office at 262-236-0178. We will contact your patient within 24-48 business hours to schedule an appointment with them.

Physician Referral Form: PDF

Client Testimonial

I had injured my knee (stress fracture) in track and wasn’t able to run or even walk without having significant amounts of pain. Health In Balance Physical Therapy was able to work on my knee over the course of 10 weeks allowing for a big change in strength and mobility. My pain has gone away completely.

KH, Patient